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Juice Plus+ Distributors

Juice Plus+ is one of the most researched organic whole food supplements on the market.  The health and wellness industry sales were at $91 billion in 2006 according to the NMI Reports.  Since then those numbers have only continued to increase.  Making people healthy is not only a profitable industry but also a life changing business.  By selling Juice Plus+ you are helping to create a healthier life for many people.  On average working part time Juice Plus+ Distributors make $6,000 a year.  Our top Juice Plus+ Distributors working full time get full benefits and make over six figures.

Another great benefit of being a Juice Plus Distributor is you get all your Juice Plus+ products at a wholesale rate.  As with any reseller program, the more Juice Plus+ you sell the better your discount. 

For more information email sarah.khatri@gmail.com.